German police evacuate 2 train stations in Munich, warn public over ISIS …

At 19:40 local time, the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) informed the Munich police that they had received information about 5-7 Islamic State (IS, ISIS / ISIL) suicide bombers preparing a terrorist attack on the city, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrä said at a press conference.Andrä added that there are 550 officers deployed in Munich right now, but they have yet to find any indication of an imminent threat.The exact location and time of the allegedly planned attacks were given, which alarmed Read more [...]

Who’s Afraid of Mein Kampf?

In the United States, Mein Kampf has never been prohibited, though some Jewish organizations opposed the sale of the book in 1933, at a time when populist demagogues were spreading their vitriolic anti-Semitism. Mein Kampf was not even banned when the United States went to war against Nazi Germany. In fact, the book’s U.S. publisher, Houghton Mifflin, urged Americans to study Mein Kampf as part of their patriotic responsibilities, and advertised it in The New York Times Book Review in 1944. U.S. Read more [...]

Polizei gibt Terrorwarnung für München – Nordwest

München Die Polizei in München hat am Silvesterabend vor einem Terroranschlag in der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt gewarnt. „Wir haben konkrete Hinweise, die wir nicht unter den Teppich kehren können“, sagte eine Sprecherin am Donnerstag. Menschen sollten sich von größeren Ansammlungen fernhalten. Vor allem sollten sie den Hauptbahnhof und den Bahnhof Pasing meiden. Die beiden Bahnhöfe Read more [...]

“Mi lucha”, de Adolfo Hitler, regresa a Alemania

BERLÍN, (apro).- Tras 70 años de prohibición, Adolfo Hitler o mejor dicho, su obra célebre Mi Lucha está de vuelta. Al menos en Alemania. Y es que, este 31 de diciembre de 2015 caducan los derechos de autor que hasta este año poseía de manera exclusiva sobre el polémico libro el estado alemán de Baviera y gracias a lo cual desde hace 70 años se logró evitar nuevas impresiones del ideario político e ideológico del dictador nazi. A partir del primer minuto de 2016, cualquiera que así Read more [...]

Gerhard Weinberg, a historian who fled Nazi Germany as a child, says it’s …

When Gerhard Weinberg returned to Germany in 1962, he hadn’t seen his hometown of Hannover for more than twenty years. The buildings on his old street, rebuilt after the relentless bombings of the war, looked brand new. He stopped across the street from his family’s old apartment building. “I burst out laughing,” Weinberg remembered. He thought to himself that British bombers must have had very good aim. “The one building they didn’t hit was the one we had lived in.”That house Read more [...]

Obra de Hitler “Mein Kampf” cai no domínio público

 Hoje, nos termos da legislação alemã, entram no domínio público os direitos de “A Minha Luta”, uma das mais controversas obras da história do Ocidente, o único livro escrito pelo ditador nazi, que o ditou ao seu fiel secretário, Rudolf Hess, em 1923, na prisão de Landsberg, na Baviera, enquanto cumpria uma pena de prisão de cinco anos por traição, após o golpe falhado de Munique.Tornam-se, assim, propriedade de toda a humanidade, depois de detidos, desde 1945, pelo estado regional Read more [...]