Bavarian State Opera Orchestra Manager Arrested for Drug Possession …

From Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones to George Harrison of the Beatles and now the Bavarian State Opera. A somewhat-anonymously named Daniel M., who was once the orchestra manager, accordingly, has been arrested for drug possession and distribution.

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It’s been reported that Mr. M was found guilty for having been in possession of as well as selling marijuana and ecstasy pills. He pleaded guilty and admitted that he had a penchant for smoking, usually indulging in up to 15 joints a day. However, he was steadfast in saying “but never at work.”

According to Klassik, the manager had said that he bought marijuana from a stagehand and wasn’t the first to indulge in the drug culture surrounding the opera. It’s also been reported that he narc’ed on his co-workers for a commuted sentence.

Also, in a report at Slipped Disc:

“The manager was dismissed from his job in November last year. Yesterday, he received a suspended sentence of 22 months. Under German law, the man has been named only as Daniel M.”

It’s not unlike any musician or creative type to indulge in drugs to increase their art–many famous conductors and jazz legends alike partake in a culture that is normally hidden from the public.

For now, though, here’s the opera sans Daniel below.

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